In 2016 Australia celebrated 25 years of a formal reconciliation process. To mark the occasion Reconciliation Australia identified five dimensions of reconciliation to define the process in this country and to measure progress. Fundamental to the idea of reconciliation is the ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make and implement decisions about their communities, lives and futures. Effective Indigenous Governance is the pathway to this outcome.

The Indigenous Governance Awards were first conceived of between BHP Foundation and Reconciliation Australia in 2005 to identify, celebrate and promote effective Indigenous governance. The Awards have been a great acclaim and have been run biennially since 2006. Since then, the success of the awards to date has allowed the program to expand and to create greater impact and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities.

In order to build the capability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, and positively reframe the discourse around Indigenous governance and success, the program will:

  • Continue the Indigenous Governance Awards
  • Facilitate an Indigenous Governance Network
  • Provide governance resources
  • Promote success stories of the Awards to the wider community
  • Deliver the Corporate Partnership Program
  • Collaborate on governance research
  • Advocate the benefits of Indigenous governance to public-policy and decision makers