AIGI Update September 2022

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) has been a proud partner of the Indigenous Governance Program since co-hosting the 2018 Indigenous Governance Awards. 

So far 2022 has been a busy year in the world of Indigenous Governance – check out this summary from the AIGI from the past three months. 

AIGI 10 Year lunch

On Friday 17 June AIGI celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a lunch in Brisbane. The day provided an excellent opportunity for AIGI to say thank you to supporters and reaffirm commitment and connection to the thriving community of local Indigenous organisations in Brisbane (where the AIGI is based) and around Australia. 

AIGI were humbled by the attendance and support from old friends and existing supporters, enthused by the new friends made, and reinvigorated for the next 10 years! 

Photo: Attendees at the AIGI 10 year Anniversary lunch

Indigenous Peoples Governing Disaster, Risk and Recovery: Webinar

As a part of the final stages of AIGI’s Governance of Indigenous Development research project it co-hosted the webinar on how organisations and community members have been governing disaster risks and recovery. 

The session was chaired by AIGI CEO, Jess Bulger, who was joined by panelists Bhiamie Williamson (CAEPR, ANU), Wayne McDonald (CEO, Bundiyarra Corporation) and Alira Tufui (Acting Director, Sector Operations, AbSec).  

The webinar was well attended, with robust and important discussions focussed on lessons learned and insights gained from the project’s research into Indigenous governance in times of disaster. Keep your eyes peeled for a series of informative articles based on the project to be published by ANU press over the coming period.  

The Governance of Indigenous Development research project was conducted in partnership with the Centre of Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) at the Australian National University. 

See more info from the webinar. 

Youth in Governance Masterclass

During NAIDOC Week, AIGI hosted a masterclass on youth in governance. The day brought together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to connect, share experiences, and learn about culturally informed and community-centered governance, in an interactive one-day workshop.  

The session was facilitated by Bhiamie Williamson and Minda Murray, accompanied by special guest speakers Jyi Lawton (CEO, Triple A), Lily Graham (Research Consultant) and Talei Elu (Public Relations and Communication Consultant, 33 Creative).  

It was an exciting session for all, especially with AIGI’s Masterclasses returning to an in-person event. The energy and vibrancy of those eager to learn was alive in the room.  

‘The two-day workshop was incredibly inspiring and important. This needs to be known to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.’ Erica Scott, Maranguka LTD, Board Director. 

Photo: Some of the attendees at the AIGI Youth in Governance Workshop

Keep up to date with professional development opportunities and other information like the Indigenous Governance Toolkit via the  Australian Indigenous Governance Institute website.