Prioritising Succession A large proportion of the WETT Advisory Committee are members who founded the trust, some of whom have been on the committee for over 10 years. This is a major strength – the collective corporate memory members share means the group is well informed to plan and make decisions. This also presents a […]

Indigenous Governance Factsheet 2

Culture and Governance Culture informs a group’s rules and values about what is the ‘right way’ of exercising power and governing—and what is the ‘wrong way’. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people put their culture at the heart of their governance. To learn ways to embed cultural values in your governance check out the Culture […]

Indigenous Governance Factsheet 3

Women in Governance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have always had valued roles and responsibilities in the governance of their families, clans, communities and nations. Today, senior women are often the bedrock of community and family wellbeing and are active in many leadership and governance roles. And the number of women in important governing […]

2018 Indigenous Governance Awards

PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS Adaptability The organisation adapts its governance to manage changing circumstances and remain relevant to all stakeholders. Collaboration People from different families, language groups, regions or organisations come together around a common goal. Partnerships are formed to deliver projects and services. Community Control The organisation is created and led by Aboriginal and Torres […]