2018 Indigenous Governance Awards

PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS Adaptability The organisation adapts its governance to manage changing circumstances and remain relevant to all stakeholders. Collaboration People from different families, language groups, regions or organisations come together around a common goal. Partnerships are formed to deliver projects and services. Community Control The organisation is created and led by Aboriginal and Torres […]

Indigenous Governance Factsheet

Understanding Governance Governance gives a nation, group, community or organisation the ways and means to achieve the things that matter to them. Indigenous governance holds culture at the heart of these ways and means. Rebuilding your governance is self-determination in action. It is also a powerful predictor of success in economic and community development. The […]


Supporting Future Leaders In response to rapid Indigenous population growth – expected to reach 130,000 in SEQ by 2031 – IUIH is exploring transformative models which have the potential to double its existing client population. The development of a workforce for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health delivery is a key priority of IUIH. IUIH’s […]

Indigenous Governance Factsheet 6

Nation Building and Development   A nation refers to a group or community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent or history. Nation rebuilding is about how Indigenous peoples can pull together and implement the tools –rules, processes, checks, balances, structures of governance—they need to build the futures that they want.   […]

Stories of Success – Alekarenge Community Development Working Group

Facilitating Collaboration The aspect most valued by Working Group members and community residents is that it is a collaborative effort with everyone working together as a team to achieve positive, tangible outcomes. The Working Group actively facilitate collaboration through representation and communication strategies. There are four different language groups that most people in Alekarenge come […]

Indigenous Governance Factsheet 5

Effective leadership is critical for achieving better social, economic and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Strong governance and strong leadership are directly linked. While governance is about more than just leadership, without visionary and accountable leaders your governance can quickly become ineffective. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership is exercised according […]

Reconciliation Barometer: Australians’ Understanding of Racism Heightened in 2020

The Australian Reconciliation Barometer (ARB) is the only survey undertaken in Australia that measures the progress of reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians. The ARB is a national research study conducted by Reconciliation Australia every two years. The 2020 ARB shows that the global and local Black Lives Matter movements […]