Community Rules

Online forums community rules

We rely on all members of the Network to help keep these discussion forums a safe place for people to share and view information.

These community rules should underpin all your interactions on the Network.

The following four values should guide Network member’s activity:


We encourage our members to give and receive support, sharing their stories and experiences with other professionals working in Indigenous Governance.


Members of the Network will understand and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous cultures, rights and experiences, which results in stronger relationships based on trust and respect.

Strength based

We empower our members to connect and build a network of like-minded professionals or to learn more about the success and strength of Indigenous Governance.

Don’t hold back in sharing your knowledge – it’s likely someone will find it useful or interesting.


We support our members to talk openly with the forums only being available to members of the Network.

Don’t post personal information or share the personal information of others to any company or individual for commercial purposes

Moderation of the Network

A team of moderators have been entrusted with the ability to intervene when these Community Rules have been breached.

However, much of the responsibility for maintaining our friendly environment lies with you.

You will be advised by email if we are unable to publish your post, or if a post has to be edited or removed from the forums because it breaches our community rules.

Should you wish to query a moderated decision,please get in touch with us privately via email.

We reserve the right to permanently deactivate the accounts of users who breach our community rules.

Ending your time with us

You may request at any time that your Network membership be cancelled.

Contact us to cancel your membership.

By doing so, you understand and agree that all activity associated with your account generated prior to the date of your cancellation request will remain permanently on the Network (for example, your posts in the forums will not be deleted).