Partnerships support good governance practices, cross-cultural learning and business development; as well as giving organisations the opportunity to strengthen shared knowledge and broaden their impact in the community.

What is a partnership?

The Corporate Partnership Program brings together the unique strengths and resources of diverse partners to have a deeper impact and accomplish better outcomes than either partner could achieve on their own.

The partnerships are collaborative relationships, where partners work and walk together to achieve common goals and objectives. 

Partnering organisations should embrace the unique values, diversity and resources that partners bring to the table.

How we work with partners

Mutually-beneficial, cross-cultural partnerships are complex and take time to establish and embed. 

They depend on establishing strong working relationships between key individuals and organisations, who often have very different ways of working.

Reconciliation Australia guides organisations through the partnership process to ensure the best outcomes.

We will help set the scene and enable organisations to understand the benefits of potential partnerships to their organisation, their community and reconciliation; and work with you to explore the right partnership and idea to make impactful change.


  1. Establish eligibility – To be involved in the Corporate Partnership Program, an organisation must hold either a currently endorsed Reconciliation Action Plan (Stretch or Elevate), or be a finalist and/or winner of an Indigenous Governance Award.
  2. Expression of interest – Apply to be part of the program by providing details of desired partnership outcomes.
  3. Matching process – Reconciliation Australia matches a Reconciliation Action Plan organisation with an Indigenous Governance Awards finalist.
  4. Defining the project – Partnering organisations discuss their expectations and outline the project aims.
  5. Establishing a Partnership – Parties commit to a partnership period with the potential of fostering an ongoing relationship.
  6. Supporting the Partnership – Reconciliation Australia will actively support both parties of the partnership.
  7. Reporting and Evaluation – Reconciliation Australia will conduct periodic review and evaluation of partnerships.

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