Corporate partnership program

The Corporate Partnerships Program develops mutually beneficial, two-way relationships between finalists of the Indigenous Governance Awards and organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).  These partnerships support good governance practices, cross-cultural learning and business development; as well as giving organisations the opportunity to strengthen shared knowledge and broaden their impact in the community.

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Purple House and the Australian Museum

Through the support of Reconciliation Australia, a successful partnership was established between the Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Corporation (Purple House) and the Australian Museum as part of the 2016 Corporate Partnership Program.

Purple House, supports Central Western Desert families on dialysis and helps them to develop renal services in their home communities so they no longer have to move permanently to Alice Springs or Darwin for treatment. The organisation is well known for their ‘Purple Truck’, which is a mobile dialysis unit that gives patients the opportunity to spend time in their home communities, where there is not a permanent dialysis unit. The Australian Museum brings to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia through compelling objects, ideas and events and focuses on Indigenous histories and cultures, European settlement and people’s interaction with the environment.

Purple House set a goal to recognise the efforts and determination their dedicated staff, families, volunteers and friends across Australia, and the contribution this has had to their success. Purple House was keen to further support their community and give back to those who have supported them on their journey to provide care for Indigenous people on country, by providing support to these communities in producing and showcasing fantastic images, art, music and bush products from their social enterprise.

Through this partnership, Purple House were able to contribute artworks from their social enterprise towards an ‘Indigenous Art Exhibition and Auction’ under the Australian Museum, Purple House were able to auction off enough artworks to the Australian Museums corporate contributors to self-fund the repairs of their ‘Purple Truck’ to keep dialysis services available in remote communities.


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