Indigenous Governance Factsheet 5

Effective leadership is critical for achieving better social, economic and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Strong governance and strong leadership are directly linked. While governance is about more than just leadership, without visionary and accountable leaders your governance can quickly become ineffective.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership is exercised according to different values than it is in the wider Australian society. Strong relationships with family and close kin, and values of demand sharing, and mutual responsibility are at the very heart of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership practices.

Open the Leadership Factsheet to explore:

  • Effective and legitimate leadership
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership
  • Evaluation
  • Succession planning
  • Building future leadership capacity to govern

Access the PDF Factsheet via this link:

The Indigenous Governance Factsheets were developed by the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute and Reconciliation Australia to promote peoples’ understanding of Indigenous governance. Each Factsheet provides an explanation of the topic and tips on best practice strategies.

Indigenous Governance Toolkit

More information, tips, examples and resources about this topic are available on the Indigenous Governance Toolkit [].

The purpose of the Toolkit is to share effective and innovative governance strategies and knowledge about what works and why. The Toolkit promotes a strengths-based, developmental approach to governance building which places culture at the heart of understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander modes of governance.

It is a free online resource developed to support Indigenous nations, communities, individuals and organisations to strengthen their governance in ways that are meaningful to them.

The Toolkit is founded on the pioneering research of the Indigenous Community Governance Project and is regularly updated with best-practice tips and inspirational stories from the Indigenous Governance Awards and other research and case studies developed by the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute.

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