Continual Improvement Approach

MMT’s continual improvement system builds on both success and failure to develop best practice across governance and operational activities.

The organisation collects data from performance outcomes, satisfaction surveys, the complaints and appeals register, critical incidents, and internal and external audits (financial, quality assurance, accreditation and registration). At their bi-annual strategic planning workshops the Board of Directors utilise this information to review how well MMT met community expectations and the requirements of students, workplaces and funding bodies. They then identify opportunities for improvement and set the strategic direction. This provides a guideline for management and staff at their annual planning workshops where they develop operational plans including goals, timelines and KPIs based on the outcome of the strategic planning workshops.

Continual improvement is also integrated into the organisation’s planning processes throughout the year. MMT monitor risk and review compliance requirements recurrently, which is documented in a register. This is discussed at fortnightly staff meeting and monthly Board meetings, at which continual improvement is a standing agenda item, and then policies and procedures or operational processes are put in place.

In addition, the CEO and Program Coordinator have an open-door policy where they can be accessed at any time (both on and off site). This is maintained as an important part of ensuring that staff are confident to bring any matter to their attention or seek clarification or information when needed. This flat organisational structure and ethos of open communication enables the CEO and senior management to keep informed of and respond to changing operational needs.


  • Integrate continual improvement into regular planning meetings
  • Collect and review information about your organisation, people and programs to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Promote communication and information sharing across the organisation
  • Promote frequent adaptation and change as a norm

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