Cultural Integrity

The QYAC governance structure is based on a traditional decision-making process for Quandamooka People, which is underpinned by kinship and family centred decision-making.

The Board provides one Director position for each of the 12 families descended from the 12 apical ancestors. The Board is supported by a Council of Elders, composed of one female Elder and one male Elder from each of the 12 families.

The representative Elders and Board Directors consult with their families before and after meetings so that each family group can put their views forward. This allows each family under the native title determination to actively plan and make decisions for their land and sea country. Although participation is not mandatory for all members at group meetings, there is strong engagement from most families who appreciate the opportunity to have their values and priorities represented at a governance level.

Traditional decision-making processes are also embedded in the QYAC rule book, for example, how disputes are resolved. If an issue cannot be resolved informally at an individual family meeting or by the Board of Directors as outlined in the constitution, then matters are given to the Elders in Council who have the authority to make the final decision. This gives the organisation a cultural strength and validity, which in turn has resulted in a large membership of over 700 Quandamooka People.


  • Embed traditional decision-making processes in the organisational structure and rule book
  • Establish an Elders Council to review issues and provide a final decision
  • Allow time for representatives to speak with the people they represent before meetings and decision-making occurs

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