The benefits of partnerships

There are broad, long-lasting benefits for organisations that commit to a partnership through the Corporate Partnership Program.

The program brings together the unique strengths and resources of diverse partners to have a deeper impact and accomplish better outcomes than either partner could achieve on their own.

Benefits for RAP organisations

  • Developing a deep relationship with a respected and successful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation.
  • Gaining an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enterprise development and governance.
  • Developing practical skills around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement.
  • Receiving guidance on achieving their RAP goals.
  • Increasing relevant participation in the community in which they operate.
  • Increasing cultural awareness and immersion opportunities.

Benefits for Indigenous-led organisations

  • Developing a relationship with a corporate organisation that has shown leadership in engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Working together with a corporate organisation while maintaining self-determination over your goals.
  • Receiving guidance and support in self-identified areas for improvement.
  • Developing practical skills in organisational governance.
  • Building connections with the corporate sector.
  • Increasing practical skills for engagement with corporate and government sectors.
  • Helping to strengthen cultural awareness and respect across organisations in Australia.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a partner? Complete an expression of interest. Still not sure? Find out more about the process of becoming a partner or read up on some of our previous partnerships.