Supporting Future Leaders

In response to rapid Indigenous population growth – expected to reach 130,000 in SEQ by 2031 – IUIH is exploring transformative models which have the potential to double its existing client population.

The development of a workforce for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health delivery is a key priority of IUIH. IUIH’s Workforce Development Strategy aims to equip the existing primary health care workforce to roll out the IUIH model of care, and to build the workforce of the future through traineeships and student placements. IUIH works closely with member services to systematically map the roles and functions of current primary healthcare staff. This enables staff roles to be aligned to the IUIH model of care and clear direction for staff training needs.

All new staff participate in a 3-day orientation program, conducted monthly. Of note is that all existing staff also progressively attend the orientation as a way of fostering reinvigorated internal organisational culture across the IUIH Network. A key component is ensuring that all staff have an understanding of, and commitment to, the IUIH’s Cultural Integrity Investment Framework. Having all staff operating from a common cultural reference point transforms how staff see, understand, do and belong.

The IUIH is committed to ‘growing its own’ leadership. Selected staff are invited to be observers at each Board and senior management meeting. The IUIH Emerging Indigenous Leaders Program is specifically designed to support young Indigenous employees on a pathway to management and leadership positions. The IUIH has engaged the majority of its management team in a peer-coaching program that supports small groups to reflect on their managerial and leadership practices around specific themes. This is complemented by targeted training courses for the middle and senior management teams.


  • Identify staffing and skills needs to meet anticipated organisational growth
  • Provide student traineeships and placements to facilitate skills development
  • Use the induction process to bring people into the organisational culture
  • ‘Grow your own’ leadership from within the organisation


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