Communication Across a Region

YMAC has several systems in place to facilitate effective internal communication between the staff and executive management team. YMAC’s intranet provides a portal for operational-based announcements (e.g. new starters or proxies while staff are on extended leave).

Intranet announcements are automatically distributed to all staff, to ensure such information is not lost. The CEO regularly updates the organisation on YMAC milestones, achievements and awards through all staff emails. This messaging ensures that the positive outcomes are acknowledged, and staff who contribute to outcomes are recognised by the whole organisation. In addition, staff are provided access to published hard copy and online versions of the YMAC newsletters and annual reports.

A quarterly all staff meeting uses video conferencing facilities to link the South Hedland, Geraldton, Broome and Perth offices. It provides staff an opportunity to see their colleagues in other offices and collectively hear news from the CEO and EMT. It is a valuable team bonding opportunity, because staff from different teams (i.e. legal or heritage) and regions attend the meeting together. The annual staff conference brings all staff together to physically meet in one location. The staff attend skills development workshops, wellness activities and the annual dinner, at which the Directors and CEO award employees for their long service and present the Values Awards to staff who have been nominated by their peers for exceptional demonstration of YMAC’s Values – Respect, Professionalism, Integrity, Collaboration.

An annual online employee survey collects anonymous feedback about the level of satisfaction amongst staff, highlights the positive aspects of the organisation and identifies opportunities to improve performance.


  • Collect feedback from staff about workplace satisfaction and opportunities for improvement
  • Use digital telecommunications to connect multiple offices across a large regional area
  • Hold team bonding events to facilitate positive relationships between staff in different locations
  • Provide regular internal updates

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